Why Grameen Foundation

Our partnership offer is unique. It is not one thing that sets us apart but the combination of experience and expertise that we bring to every project, enabling breakthroughs that end poverty and hunger.


We design with poor women and their households in the center.

Women’s economic empowerment is essential to ending poverty and hunger, and to ending gender inequities. But institutional and social barriers remain huge obstacles for poor women. We develop solutions that empower her with knowledge and essential services, while transforming the systems that block progress for her and her family.

We program based on evidence and experience.

We research to understand the problems poor women and households face in accessing financial services, health services, and nutritious food. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to understand initial conditions, monitor progress and assess impact -- then apply the lessons learned to scale-up the most promising solutions and to plan future projects.

We use technology and data to improve decision-making by and for people in poverty.

Digital technology enables the collection and use of data to improve decision-making by women and men in poor rural areas, as well as the partners working to serve them. Smart use of technology can connect poor women to vital information, expertise and markets, and create appropriate products and services for their households.

We drive enterprise-based solutions for scale and sustainability.

We identify and incubate cost-effective solutions with the greatest potential, developing practical business models and working with partners to move solutions from early promise to wide-scale impact, whether as social enterprises, as core to partners’ operations, or as sustainable government services.

We broker cross-sector and cross-cultural relationships.

Partnerships are core to our work. Solutions that address multiple dimensions of poverty—including access to financial, agricultural or health services and knowledge—call for partners with a range of expertise. From local organizations to multinational corporations to government agencies, the right combination of partners is essential to success.

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