Gifts of stock

Your gift helps us empower women to help their families, which makes an incredible impact on the communities we serve. If you give stocks, bonds or other securities to Grameen Foundation, you receive a charitable income-tax deduction for full market value.  You also incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits)*.

To ensure that we properly acknowledge your gift for income tax purposes, please contact development [at] or call us in advance to let us know the type of the securities and number of shares you are transferring.

Ways to Give Securities

You can make a donation of securities through an electronic transfer authorization or by physical delivery. Your broker can electronically transfer your securities to Grameen Foundation. Because this request must be made in writing, simply download our Authorization Form and follow the instructions to make your gift. If you have physical securities, deliver them in person, by registered mail or by courier to Grameen Foundation’s office. If they are registered in your name, please provide an Irrevocable Stock/ Bond Power Form.

Electronic Transfer Information
Merrill Lynch
DTC #: 8862
Grameen Foundation USA
Account #: 862-02739

We appreciate your support in our fight to end global poverty!

* Information provided on our web site is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified tax or legal advisor.