Strengthening Organizations

Ending poverty and hunger will take a global movement of organizations working together. In this spirit, Grameen Foundation has developed an array of products and services—originally designed for our own use—to help other organizations with similar missions be more effective.

We believe these tools will help organizations strengthen their programs, deepen their impact on poverty, and create lasting change. Whether you need a contingent of highly skilled private sector volunteers or an efficient way to run your field operations or measure your impact, Grameen Foundation has solutions that work.

Bankers without Borders®

Our Bankers without Borders® program mobilizes the talent and skills of private sector volunteers to support the missions of poverty-focused social enterprises. Starting with just 100 volunteers in 2008, today nearly 20,000 business professionals, academics, and students from 170 countries are ready to contribute their time, skills and expertise to strengthen organizations fighting global poverty.

e-Learning and Field Training

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) play a crucial role in reaching the poor and unbanked with financial services, and frontline field staff bear the greatest responsibility for engaging, educating and motivating microfinance clients. Our services and products accelerate quality training for frontline agents and staff.

Watch this video to learn about G-LEAP, our award-winning e-Learning app for front-line workers in financial services.

Impact Investing

We invest in companies and funds and participate in joint ventures to generate social impacts along with financial returns.  These investments  provide capital for social enterprises whose products and services benefit the poor.

Progress out of Poverty Index®

Grameen Foundation developed the Progress out of Poverty Index® (PPI®). It is a powerful low-cost tool used by hundreds of organizations in 40 countries to measure household poverty, and to track and improve performance. Grameen Foundation managed PPI for its first ten years.  In 2016, we partnered with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) to develop the PPI Alliance, a collective governance and funding structure. Grameen Foundation is a founding and core partner of the Alliance, which is housed with IPA.


Nonprofits and social enterprises need real-time data to make forward-thinking strategic decisions rather than just react to outdated reports of conditions on the ground. TaroWorks, a subsidiary of Grameen Foundation, is a social enterprise whose mobile-based data tool enables organizations to use fresh data and timely feedback as the standard for setting and reaching their goals.  With Taroworks, organizations serving poor and remote areas can efficiently collect, analyze and act on field data.

Photo credit: TaroWorks™