Organizational Relationships

Freedom from Hunger

In October 2016, major operating functions of Freedom From Hunger were integrated into Grameen Foundation.  At the same time, Freedom From Hunger continues as a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation, supporting our mission as it guides projects around the world. Freedom from Hunger works to achieve a world without hunger and poverty through innovative microfinance programs that integrate financial services with education and health protection. Its projects address the complex relationships that exist between gender inequality, food security, and poverty. Freedom From Hunger has unique strengths in evidence-based research to guide program design and evaluation, and the design and delivery of e-Learning and training products. These educational resources serve everyone from executives of financial service organizations, to field staff, to non-literate members of self-help groups.

Freedom from Hunger India Trust

Freedom from Hunger India Trust is a registered Indian public charitable Trust that guides and implements Freedom from Hunger programs in India. Its objective is to achieve nutrition and  food security, reduce poverty, and improve the economic and social status of poor and marginalized women and their families. It works with a range of local partners to integrate microfinance with other essential services such as health, information, and livelihood opportunities. The Trust operates under the direction of founding Trustees with deep experience and connection with India’s social service sector, and draws its inspiration from the vision and mission of the parent organization.

Grameen Foundation India

Grameen Foundation, through the work of Grameen Foundation India, aims to measurably improve the lives of India’s poor by increasing their incomes and enhancing their resilience. Established in 2010, Grameen Foundation India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grameen Foundation. Grameen Foundation India works with microfinance institutions and technology providers to extend financial services to underserved communities, particularly in rural India, through new delivery channels and mobile-based services. It also works with the Government of India to provide mobile technology-enabled health services to women, infants and frontline healthcare workers across the country.


TaroWorks™ provides a suite of mobile data collection and analytical tools designed to put the data directly into the hands of socially-focused organizations that work with underserved communities. Grameen Foundation created TaroWorks™ as a project to support the development sector and then established it as a wholly-owned company in 2015. TaroWorks continues to support Grameen Foundation’s mission, providing social enterprises and NGOs working in the developing world with tools to manage their field operations, staff, and business in real time.