In Ecuador, 61 percent of the population lives in poverty and 31 percent of children are stunted from poor nutrition. Our work there began in 2003, and has focused on improving financial inclusion and providing health services and health education to both the rural and urban poor.

For the country’s 3.5 million micro-entrepreneurs, access to financial and health services provide invaluable tools in sustaining their businesses and their families.

Key projects in Ecuador:

  • Connect rural patients to health specialists in the capital through telemedicine so families don’t need to travel and spend valuable resources for medical diagnoses. 
  • Enable families to pay for their health needs through a health credit card specially designed to meet their needs in local communities.
  • Train front line officers of microfinance institutions through an innovative e-learning curriculum so they are better able to serve the special needs of poor clients.
Photo credit: Jim Cline/Freedom from Hunger