Related Organizations

In addition to our United States operations and country offices, Grameen Foundation (GFUSA) works with two wholly owned subsidiaries and two independent affiliates; founded and co-leads a number of joint ventures; and is a sister organization of the Grameen family of organizations. We also participate in a number of alliances that bring together the collective strength of partners.

Organizational Relationships

We work closely with our supporting organization, Freedom from Hunger (FFH), to provide women with the essential resources they need to end poverty and hunger in their lives. We also work closely with FFH’s partner, Freedom from Hunger India Trust, and with our fully owned subsidiary, Grameen Foundation India, to empower poor women in India through access to financial, health and nutritional information and services. Our fully owned subsidiary,TaroWorks™, offers digital technology data solutions for nonprofits and social enterprises globally.


Alliances with like-minded organizations enable us to progress more swiftly toward our goals, particularly in the field of financial inclusion.