e-Learning and Field Training

Many financial service providers who serve the poor report challenges in improving the capacity of their business. Especially difficult is keeping up with technology and change, making the economics work, and finding qualified staff. Furthermore, to rapidly extend financial services to the two billion people in the world who are unbanked, microfinance institutions (MFIs) and other financial service providers need to scale up their operations to reach many, many more people.

We have developed e-Learning courses and digital tools to help MFI’s train their frontline workers, expand their reach, and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

e-Learning Courses for Frontline Field Agents

Specially designed e-learning courses build the skills of microfinance institutions and development organizations' frontline officers who lead women’s savings, credit and self-help groups. Because the training is digital, it reaches field staff when they need it, where they are.

A set of six Spanish-language courses develop skills in consumer protection, group facilitation, techniques for delivering non-formal education, and microcredit products management. The goal is to train frontline staff who are able to deliver greater benefit to their clients and to their organizations.

Frontline Officers Training courses come with technical assistance and are offered for sale to microfinance and development organizations. Organizations can choose modules individually to create their own training curriculum. To date, frontline staff from Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru have been trained using this platform.

G-LEAP (Grameen Learning Program)

G-LEAP is a first of its kind e-learning app in India for microfinance institutions. It enables anytime, anywhere training of front-line microfinance staff and agents. It works quickly and cost-effectively, helping agents engage, educate and motivate microfinance clients.

The need is great. Across India, there are more than 200 million people without access to formal financial services. Although MFIs play a key role in reaching the unbanked population and supporting the effective use of new accounts, current training programs are typically costly and limited in scope.

G-Leap allows field officers to learn on the job, while continuing to serve their clients.
Sonata, Oxigen Money, and Citi Foundation partnered with Grameen Foundation India to develop G-LEAP as part of a broader initiative that enhances the delivery and use of mobile financial services in underserved communities in India.

Now, Grameen Foundation India is making G-LEAP available to the larger financial inclusion sector. G-LEAP can be licensed at a fee as low as ₹50 per user per month based on the offering selected. Learn more here.