By the Numbers

We are committed to developing and championing sustainable solutions that expand financial inclusion, improve livelihoods and enhance health.

We measure the effectiveness of our work by the number of people we reach and how our solutions have improved their lives. Our approach has ranged from tracking the beneficiaries of the microfinance institutions we support and the organizations that use the tools and services we developed, to evaluating the impact of projects we manage directly.
Thanks to your support:  

  • Over 23 million people have gained better access to microloans, savings accounts and other financial services. 
  • Our mobile agriculture tools have enabled more than 470,000 poor farmers in Africa and Latin America to increase their productivity and earn more for their families. 
  • More than 5 million people have received health education and services via the MOTECH mobile health technology we developed. Organizations and governments in more than 15 countries use MOTECH to address multiple needs, from improving HIV treatment to education on reproductive health.
  • Nearly 500 organizations in 40 countries have used the Progress out of Poverty Index® to measure their poverty reduction and to improve their strategies for serving disenfranchised communities.
  • Our Bankers without Borders® volunteers have provided $20.3 million worth of pro bono services to 213 social enteprises (as of March 2016).
  • More than 80 social enterprises have used our TaroWorks mobile application to support 170,000 micro-entrepreneurs and improve the lives of more than 3 million poor beneficiaries.