Latin America

We have worked in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1990, focusing on the poorest women and families, living in remote rural areas. We have historically worked in a number of countries, including Haiti, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Today, several complementary projects in Colombia expand agricultural capacity of smallholder farmers and tackle the challenges of providing financial services in remote areas.

Projects in Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru center on delivering integrated financial and health services to women and training partner organizations to improve client services and health protection. The work in these three countries is carried out by Freedom from Hunger, an independent affiliate of Grameen Foundation. 

Photo credit: ©Grameen Foundation (photographer: Alexander Rieser)


We focus on building the resilience of Colombia’s smallholder farmers, and helping them to join both the formal financial system and agricultural markets. 


We strengthen families through financial inclusion and access to quality health services, and use technology to reach more people throughout the country.

El Salvador

Female client in El Salvador prepares corn for a meal.We focus on reducing barriers to women's economic empowerment by strengthening access to financial services, training and other resources needed to build sustainable businesses.


Woman in Honduras reviews paperwork for a microloan with our local partnerWe focus on strengthening economic opportunities for women and their families by tackling the financial, legal and policy barriers women face in starting and growing sustainable businesses.


We promote and strengthen the delivery of integrated financial services to increase economic and food security of the poor, especially women and girls, in Mexico and Central America.


We strengthen women through integrated financial services and increase the ability of partners to provide high quality, client-responsive services to their clients.